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    External Debt and External Rate of Interest: An Empirical Analysis of Pakistan

    Author: Muhammad Zahid Naeem, Shaista Akhlaque, Rakhshanda Ashiq
    Keywords: External Debt, Interest Payments, Economic Development, Pakistan
    JEL Code: H60, E4, F63
    Pages: 116-125

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    The role of IMF in Pakistan’s economy

    Author: Khalil Ahmad, Amun Khalid, Zoya Noor
    Keywords: GDP, Political Instability, Government Borrowing, Dummy Variable
    JEL Code: P47, H74
    Pages: 126-134

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    Impact of Government Borrowing on Financial Development (A case study of Pakistan)

    Author: Amjad Ali, Farooq Ahmed, Fazal- Ur- Rahman
    Keywords: Government Borrowing, Investment, Domestic Debt, Financial Development
    JEL Code: H74, E22, H63, G02
    Pages: 135-143

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    Modeling Dynamics of Exchange Rates Volatility: A Case of Pakistan from 1980-2010

    Author: Fizza Malik
    Keywords: Exchange Rate, Terms of Trade, Balance of Payments
    JEL Code: O24, B27
    Pages: 144-161

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    Impact of Population on Economic Growth: A Case Study of Pakistan

    Author: Rana Nabeel Ahmed, Kahlil Ahmad
    Keywords: Economic Growth, Population growth, Investment, Education
    JEL Code: F43, P23
    Pages: 162-176

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