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    Impact of Government Expenditure on Health Sector of Pakistan

    Author: Ufaq Adeel
    Keywords: Economic Growth, Government Expenditures, Health
    JEL Code: F43, H50
    Pages: 177-192

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    Trade-off between Inflation, Interest and Unemployment Rate of Pakistan: Revisited

    Author: Sumera Arshad, Amajd Ali
    Keywords: Inflation Rate, Unemployment Rate, Interest Rate
    JEL Code: E31, J6, E40
    Pages: 193-209

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    The Impact of Institutional Governance on Economic Growth: A Panel Data Analysis

    Author: Hafiz Muhammad Abubakar Siddique, Ahmad Nawaz, Muhammad Tariq Majeed
    Keywords: Institutional Governance, Economic Growth, Random Effect Model, System GMM
    JEL Code: F30, F43
    Pages: 210-219

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    Impact of Domestic Interest Rate on Foreign Direct Investment (A case study of Pakistan)

    Author: Rubab Khan, Hijaab Zahra
    Keywords: FDI, Domestic Interest Rate, Merchandise Exports, Unemployment, Gross Domestic Product
    JEL Code: F30, G12, E24
    Pages: 220-230

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    Impact of Human Capital on Economic Growth: A Panel Study

    Author: Saba Jameel, Muhammad Zahid Naeem
    Keywords: GDP, Human Capital, Life Expectancy, Investment
    JEL Code: J24, J17, P33
    Pages: 231-248

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