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    Organizational Lateral and Diagonal Communication Policy as Linguistic Cooperation

    Author: Nasser Fegh-hi Farahmand
    Keywords: Organizational Lateral, Diagonal Communication, Benevolent Superintendence, Comfort Organizations
    JEL Code: M1, M2
    Pages: 1-14

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    Domestic Saving Under the Perspective of Interest Rate, unemployment and inflation in Pakistan: A Time Series Analysis

    Author: Aramish Altaf Alvi , Arooj Fatima
    Keywords: Domestic saving, Inflation, Unemployment, Remittances, Interest Rate
    JEL Code: E2, E3, E4
    Pages: 15-27

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    Determinants of Low Tax Revenue: A panel Data Analysis

    Author: Wasi Ul Islam, Hafiz Muhammad Abubakar Siddique
    Keywords: Tax to GDP Ratio, Trade Openness, Capital inflow, Arellano-Bond Model
    JEL Code: H2, B27
    Pages: 28-34

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    Nexus of Economic Misery, Interest rate, Exchange rate and Foreign Direct Investment in Pakistan

    Author: Allah Ditta, Ahmad Hassan
    Keywords: Exchange Rate, Interest Rate and Foreign Direct Investment
    JEL Code: F31, E4
    Pages: 34-44

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    Modelling the Demand for Money Function in Nigeria: Is There Stability?

    Author: Bassey Nsikan Edet, Solomon Ubong Udo, Okon Ubokudom Etim
    Keywords: Liquidity preference, demand and money
    JEL Code: G33, E4
    Pages: 45-57

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