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    An Econometric Assessment of Performance of Indian Capital Market

    Author: Leonard T Das
    Keywords: capital market, market size, market liquidity, market volatility, market efficiency
    JEL Code: G24, G30
    Pages: 103-110

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    Impact of FDI on Economic Growth: Evidence from Pakistan

    Author: Hafiz Muhammad Abubakar Siddique, Romana Ansar, Muhammad Mustasim Naeem, Sajid Yaqoob
    Keywords: FDI, Economic Growth, ARDL Bounds Testing Approach, Pakistan
    JEL Code: F21, O40
    Pages: 111-116

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    Fuel Demand Elasticities for Energy and Environmental Policies: Evidence from Household Data in Pakistan

    Author: Nazish Tehseen, Sheraz Ali Khan
    Keywords: energy, household, OLS
    JEL Code: O13, D10
    Pages: 117-129

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    Relationship Between Board Size and Firm Performance: Intervening Role of Policies

    Author: Safina Riaz, Ahmed Hussain Khan, Mahrow Shaheen
    Keywords: Corporate Governance, Board Size, Board Policies, Firm execution and Regression Analysis
    JEL Code: G34, M12
    Pages: 130-140

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    The informal Employment in Southern Punjab: An Empirical Evidence

    Author: Durdana Qaiser Gillani, Toseef Azid
    Keywords: Informal Sector Employment; Labour Market and Growth and Development
    JEL Code: E26, F43
    Pages: 141-147

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    Impact of Career Salience on the Employee Turnover with the Mediating role of Work Place Deviance: A study on Telecommunication sector of Pakistan

    Author: Hafiza Bushra Huma, Tahir Liaquat
    Keywords: Career Salience, Employee Turnover, Work Place Deviance
    JEL Code: J54, J81
    Pages: 148-157

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