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    A Revised Minimum Spanning Table Method for Expanding Competence Sets

    Author: Shoubin Qi, Junwen Feng
    Keywords: Competence Set Expansion, Habitual Domains, Spanning Table Method
    JEL Code: D85
    Pages: 40-45

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    Socio-Economic Well-Being and Women Status in Pakistan: An Empirical Analysis

    Author: Iram Ashraf, Amjad Ali
    Keywords: gender inequality, socioeconomic well-being, Pakistan
    JEL Code: D63, A14
    Pages: 46-58

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    Remittances, Foreign Debt and Economic Growth: A Cross Country Analysis

    Author: Adeela Hussain, Muhammad Irfan Chani
    Keywords: remittances, foreign debt, economic growth
    JEL Code: F24, F34, F43
    Pages: 59-71

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    Institutions and Economic Growth Nexus: A Cross Country Analysis

    Author: Rabia Liaqat, Hafiz Muhammad Abubakar Siddique, Iram Shehzadi
    Keywords: Institutions, Economic growth, 2SLS, Developed and Developing countries
    JEL Code: E02, F43
    Pages: 72-80

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    The Impact of Credit Facilitation on Economic Misery in Case of Pakistan

    Author: Chan Bibi, Muhammad Qasim
    Keywords: credit facilitation, economic misery.
    JEL Code: E51, E24, E31
    Pages: 81-93

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