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    Approximating the Marginal Revenue Maximizing Point: A Brief Analysis Employing the Laffer Curve

    Author: Jack Lum
    Keywords: taxation, Laffer curve, optimal taxation, tax efficiency
    JEL Code: H21
    Pages: 94-96

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    Inclusive Growth and Macroeconomic Situations in South Asia: An Empirical Analysis

    Author: Asif Sajid and Amjad Ali
    Keywords: macroeconomic situations, population growth, education
    JEL Code: F62, Q56, H75
    Pages: 97-109

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    Globalization and Wage Differential in the case of Pakistan

    Author: Chan Bibi and Adeela Hussain
    Keywords: wage differential, population, economic globalization
    JEL Code: J31, P23
    Pages: 110-121

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    The Impact of Globalization on Unemployment and Economic Growth: Panel Data Analysis for Developing Countries

    Author: Ayesha Siddiqa, Tariq Hussain, Muhammad Qasim and M. Imran Javed
    Keywords: Economic Globalization, Social Globalization, Political Globalization, Unemployment
    JEL Code: F6, E24
    Pages: 122-131

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    Examining the Efficiency of American Stock Exchange NASDAQ: An empirical analysis of the Market Efficiency Hypothesis

    Author: Muhammad Zeeshan Younas and Rashid Mehmood
    Keywords: NASDAQ Stock Market, Random Walk Hypothesis, Market Efficiency Hypothesis, Runs test
    JEL Code: H54, D61
    Pages: 132-137

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