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Comparison of Motivational Techniques Used by Elementary School Teachers in Pakistan

Author: Zafar Masaud, Muhammad Qasim Ali, Mehmood Ul Hassan, Saadia Nazli
Keywords: Elementary School, Motivational Techniques, goals
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Pages: 1-8

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Reflections on Common Mistakes of Prospective Teachers During Practicum

Author: Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Mahmood Ul Hassan, Muhammad Qasim Ali
Keywords: Prospective Teachers, Reflective Practices, Professional Development, Common Mistakes, Teaching Practicum
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Pages: 9-20

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Exploring SMS (Short Message Service) as Language Variations: A Reflection on English Language Users in Pakistan

Author: Qaisar Mahmood, Sumara Iqbal, Syeda Shaista Batool Zaidi, Muhammad Ahmad
Keywords: Short Message Service (SMS), English, linguistic systems
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Pages: 21-30

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Effects of Physical Classroom Environment on the Literacy Outcomes: A Meta-Analysis of Teaching Writing Skill

Author: Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Mehmood Ul Hassan, Muhammad Qasim Ali
Keywords: Literacy, physical classroom environment, learners, class room facilities
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Pages: 31-35

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Measuring the Validity of the Instrument of Information Asymmetry, Accounting Information, Personal Values, Investment Satisfaction and Investor Decision: An Empirical Analysis of Pakistani Stock Exchanges

Author: Babar Khalid, Ahmed Imran Hunjra
Keywords: Information Asymmetry, Accounting Information, Personal Values, Investment Satisfaction, Investment Decision, Pakistani Stock Exchanges, Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Convergent Validity
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Pages: 36-54

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