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Learning Difficulties and Strategies of Students at Higher Secondary Schools in Punjab

Author: Asma Abdul Aziz, Muhammad Umar, Farida Dilshad, Mariam Mustafa
Keywords: Difficulties, Students, English, Punjab, Pakistan
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Pages: 55-61

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Concept of the Code Switching and Code Mixing as Facilitators in Urdu EFL Class

Author: Rana Irshad Ahmad, Rana Saeed Ahmed, Mian Abdul Rauf, Ghulam Murtaza Seemab
Keywords: Concept, Code switching, students, English, EFL class
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Pages: 62-66

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Comparative Studies of the Effectiveness of Communicative and Structural Approach for Teaching English Language

Author: Rizwana Khan, Shahid Ali, Rizwana Dilruba, Nisa Fatima
Keywords: Studies, Effectiveness, Communicative, Teaching, Language
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Pages: 67-71

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Effect of Direct and Indirect Feedback on Urdu EFL Leaners at Graduation Level

Author: Muhammad Nasir, Muhammad Shakeel, Nasim Wahid, Palwasha Akmal
Keywords: Direct Feedback, EFL learners, Graduation, Pakistan
JEL Code:
Pages: 72-87

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Motivational Factors Influencing Primary Teachers’ Job Satisfaction in Punjab Province

Author: Muhammad Qasim Ali, Nasreen Akhtar, Shazia Perveen
Keywords: Job Satisfaction, motivational factors, primary teachers
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Pages: 88-93

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Role of English Language Proficiency for Leadership Qualities among Head Teachers

Author: Muhammad Qasim Ali, Rabnawaz, Farzana Ali, Waseem Ahmad
Keywords: English proficiency, Leadership qualities, Head teachers
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Pages: 94-99

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