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The Impact of Safety Training on the Performance of Employees of an Electricity Distribution Company in Pakistan

Author: Muhammad Abid, Ahmed Imran Hunjra, Babar Khalid
Keywords: Safety Training, High performance, Fatal Accidents, IESCO, Nigeria, Pakistan
JEL Code:
Pages: 100-116

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Hurdles and Anxieties among Urdu EFL at Intermediate level in Pakistan.

Author: Muhammad Ijaz, Anum Aurangzeb, Saima Razzaq, Sajida Aslam
Keywords: Urdu EFL, English language, Teachers, Punjab
JEL Code:
Pages: 117-123

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Urdu EFL Students’ Pronunciation, Awareness, and Instruction in Pakistan.

Author: Gulzar Ahmad, Javed Iqbal Barki, Muhammad Yasin
Keywords: Speech, English as a second language, awareness, pronunciation
JEL Code:
Pages: 124-130

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Exchange Rate Volatility and Money Demand: An Empirical Analysis of Pakistan

Author: Muhammad Qasim, Khalil Ahmad, Dr. Muhammad Irfan Chani
Keywords: Exchange Rate volatility, Inflation, Money Demand
JEL Code: E30, E31, E41
Pages: 131-141

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The Effect of Teacher’s Attitude on Using Communicative Approach in EFL Classroom

Author: Hifz-ur-Rahman, Gulzar Ahmad, Tariq Javed Bajwa
Keywords: Language, Teachers, Communicative Approach, Punjab.
JEL Code:
Pages: 142-148

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