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Monetary policy and financial stability: empirical evidence from South Mediterranean countries

Author: Saoussen Ouhibi and Sami Hammami
Keywords: monetary policy, financial stability, Structural Vector Autoregressive model.
JEL Code: E40, E44
Pages: 198-213

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Performance of Micro and Small Enterprises and Its Determinants: The Case of Hadiya Zone, Ethiopia

Author: Abraham Ababiya, Endrias Geta and Zemach Lemecha
Keywords: Benefit cost ratio, performance, determinant factors.
JEL Code: D24, L1
Pages: 214-222

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Empirical Examination of the Determinants of Dividend Payout of Quoted Agro based Firms in Nigeria

Author: Bassey Nsikan Edet, Ikpe Imoh Kingsley and Edet, Mfon Efiong
Keywords: Agro-based firms, Dividend payout and liquidity.
JEL Code: N5, G33
Pages: 223-231

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Is plastic Money Matter for Consumer Buying Behavior? An Empirical Analysis from Pakistan

Author: Khuram Shafiq and Khalil Ahmad
Keywords: plastic money, consumer behavior, empirical analysis.
JEL Code: P24, P46
Pages: 232-237

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Customer Satisfaction in Public and Private Banks of Pakistan: An Empirical Evidence from Lahore City.

Author: Jahanzaib, Aftab Aslam and Khalil Ahmad
Keywords: Customer Satisfaction, public banks, private banks.
JEL Code: P46, E5
Pages: 238-245

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Growth and Governance Nexus in Selected Asian Countries

Author: Tariq Hussain
Keywords: 2SLS, 3SLS, Governance, GMM, Principal Component Analysis
JEL Code: C33, C82, G3
Pages: 246-253

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