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Representation of Islam through Western Media and Its Impact on Contemporary World

Author: Dr. Muhammad Tahir Mustafa , Dr. Ihsan ur Rehman Ghauri, Saima Mushtaq
Keywords: Islam, violence, western community, fundamentalists, terrorists
JEL Code:
Pages: 149-155

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Cultural Islam: Keeping Faith and Tradition under Indian culture in Pakistan

Author: Dr. Muhammad Tahir Mustafa , Saima Mushtaq , Bushra Murtaza Malik , Major (R) Syed Nasir Abbas
Keywords: Cultural Islam, Tradition, Media, Pakistan
JEL Code:
Pages: 156-163

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Apprehension of Teachers about Enrollment and Absenteeism at Primary Level in Punjab Province

Author: Muhammad Riaz, Muhammad Safdar, Shameem Akhtar, Meraj Bibi, Aziz Ahmad
Keywords: Primary level, Enrollment, Absenteeism
JEL Code:
Pages: 164-170

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National Professional Standards for Teachers in Pakistan in Light of Teaching of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H)

Author: Saima Mushtaq, Dr. Muhammad Tahir Mustafa, Dr. Abdulghaffar
Keywords: Teaching of the Holy Prophet, Professional Standards, national development, Pakistan
JEL Code:
Pages: 171-181

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