Bulletin of Business and Economics (BBE)

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The Impact of Foreign Aid, Energy Production and Human Capital on Income Inequality: A Case Study of Pakistan

Author: Usman Qamar Sheikh, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Hafiz Khalil Ahmad
Keywords: foreign aid, energy production, human capital and income inequality
JEL Code: E40, E44
Pages: 1-9

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Imperative Strategic Planning as Improvement of the Decision Making of Organization

Author: Nasser Fegh-hi Farahmand
Keywords: organizational imperative strategic, takes advantage plan, takes advantage of an opportunity, tailored organization, and learning organization, takes advantage of an opportunity approach
JEL Code: L10, L19
Pages: 10-19

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A Causality and Co-integration Analysis of Some Selected Socio-Economic Determinants of Fertility: Empirics from Tunisia.

Author: Marc Audi, Amjad Ali
Keywords: Fertility, urbanization, per capita income
JEL Code: J13, O18, D31
Pages: 20-36

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The Effect of Performance Management Indicators on Knowledge Management: An Empirical Investigation

Author: K. Sivakumar
Keywords: Knowledge Management, Performance Management, Training & Development, Consequence based on Performance, Organisation Motivation, Employee Involvement, Assessment & Guidance.
JEL Code: D8, J5
Pages: 37-43

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Effect of Trade Openness on Unemployment in Case of Labour and Capital Abundant Countries

Author: Nazia Anjum, Zahid Perviz
Keywords: Trade openness, unemployment, capital and labor abundant
JEL Code: F43, F02, O50
Pages: 44-58

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