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Antecedents and Consequences of Emotional labor : A review

Author: Tayyaba Rafique, Salman Tasleem, Qandeel Hassan, Annum Tariq, Sammer Mumtaz
Keywords: Emotional labor, Consequences
JEL Code: D91, O33
Pages: 157-165

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Macro-Economic Determinants of Fertility Rate: A case study of Pakistan

Author: Sheraz Ali Khan, NazishTehseen
Keywords: Fertility rate, Secondary School Enrollment, Life Expectancy
JEL Code: J13, E24, J17
Pages: 166-174

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The Impact of Demand Management Policies On Domestic and Foreign Direct Investment in Case of Pakistan: A Time Series Analysis

Author: Benish Naseem
Keywords: Demand Management Policies, Domestic Investment, Foreign Direct Investment
JEL Code: H3, E5, F21, G11
Pages: 175-184

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Job Satisfaction: Antecedent and Consequences

Author: Muhammad Farhan Asif, Umme-Kulsoom Mirza, Ahmed Hussain Khan, Muhammad Zeeshan Asif, Sofia Riaz, Shahbaz Ahmed
Keywords: Job satisfaction, Consequences
JEL Code: J28, O33
Pages: 185-194

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Impact of Terrorism on Investment: Evidence from Pakistan

Author: Hafiz Muhammad Abubakar Siddique, Rabia Liaqat, Kaleem Ullah
Keywords: Terrorism, Investment, ARDL Bounds Testing, Pakistan
JEL Code: C1, P33, O50
Pages: 195-199

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