Bulletin of Business and Economics (BBE)

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ISSN - 2409-9368 (Online)

Universal Impact Factor 2018 = 0.9108

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Breaking Cyclical Poverty: An Examination of Microlending’s Effects and Return on Investment

Author: Jack Lum
Keywords: Foreign Investment, International Capital Movement, Rate of Return, International Lending, Foreign Aid, Poverty
JEL Code: F21, F34, F35
Pages: 1-5

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An Appraisal of Exports and Imports Nexus for Pakistan

Author: Ehtsham U. Jarral, Dawood Khan Abbasi, Nabila Saddaf
Keywords: Imports, exports, equilibrium, unit root, co-integration, causality, trade policy
JEL Code: B17, F13
Pages: 6-15

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Effects of Financial Inclusion on Economic Growth and Economic Development in Six Asian Countries

Author: Ali Akbar
Keywords: Financial Inclusion, Economic Growth and Development
JEL Code: P34, O43
Pages: 16-33

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The determinants of inclusive growth in Pakistan: An Empirical Analysis

Author: Maria Safdar, Atif Khan Jadoon
Keywords: urban population, GINI, secondary education, inflation, foreign direct investment
JEL Code: F3, N9, P24
Pages: 34-45

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Water Resources and Agricultural Productivity in Pakistan: An Empirical Analysis

Author: Muhammad Zahid Naeem, Fiaz Ahmad Sulehri
Keywords: agricultural productivity, water resources, ARDL
JEL Code: N5, O13
Pages: 46-56

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