Bulletin of Business and Economics (BBE)

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Financial Inclusion, Economic Growth and Human Well-Being Nexus: Empirics from Pakistan, India, China, Sri-Lanka, Bangladesh and Malaysia

Author: Marc Audi, Chan Bibi, Khalil Ahmad
Keywords: Financial Inclusion, Economic Growth and Development, Poverty Reduction
JEL Code: B26, O47, I32
Pages: 177-190

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The Causes of Deforestation: An Empirical Study of Pakistan

Author: Kalsoom Zulfiqar, Atif Khan Jadoon
Keywords: population, agricultural land, technology
JEL Code: P23, Q15
Pages: 191-204

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Population and food insecurity in Pakistan: An Empirical Analysis

Author: Mohamad Kassem, Maria Safdar, Muhammad Zahid Naeem
Keywords: population growth, food insecurity, gross domestic product, consumer price index
JEL Code: Q56, Q18. O1, E31
Pages: 205-212

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Challenges and Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs: A Case Study of Urban Lahore (Pakistan)

Author: Sadaf Mubeen, Muhammad Hassam Shahid, Muhammad Naseer Ahmad Taib
Keywords: Entrepreneurship, challenges, opportunities, Female
JEL Code: L26, B54
Pages: 213-222

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Remedy for “One Size Fit to All”: A Flexible Corporate Governance Model to Accommodate Sectoral Technicalities

Author: Abdul Aziz Khan Niazi, Tehmina Fiaz Qazi, Abdul Basit
Keywords: Corporate governance, CG Model, sectoral specialty board, sectoral technicalities
JEL Code: G34, C2, L52
Pages: 223-229

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