Apprehension of Teachers about Enrollment and Absenteeism at Primary Level in Punjab Province


    Muhammad Riaz, Muhammad Safdar, Shameem Akhtar, Meraj Bibi, Aziz Ahmad


    Riaz, M., Safdar, M., Akhtar, S., Bibi, M. & Ahmad, A. (2015). Apprehension of Teachers about Enrollment and Absenteeism at Primary Level in Punjab Province. Journal of Policy Research, 1(4), 164-170.


    The present research was conducted to determine the apprehension of teachers about enrollment and absenteeism at primary level in Punjab Province. The major objectives were to find out fears of teachers and anxiety regarding enrollment and absenteeism of students at primary level. The population comprised all the primary teachers of district Okara and Pakpattan. Sample of 250 teachers were taken from the both districts of Okara and Pakpattan. The data was collected through self-administered questionnaires. The data was analyzed with frequently used techniques of mean and standard deviation. It was concluded that child labor and poverty is the main hurdle in the process of students’ enrollment in primary schools. It was also concluded that the strict behavior of teachers, distance from school, ill educated and illiterate people are putting difficulties in the way of students’ enrollment and moreover all the above mentioned factors become the cause of absenteeism of students in the primary schools. It was recommended that teachers may try to respond to the problems of students by exploring creative techniques to increase their class attendance. Especially parents may need regular guidance and counseling services for the better future of their young ones.


    Primary level, Enrollment, Absenteeism

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    Research Foundation for Humanity (RFH)

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