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Challenges and Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs: A Case Study of Urban Lahore (Pakistan)


Sadaf Mubeen, Muhammad Hassam Shahid, Muhammad Naseer Ahmad Taib


Mubeen, S. Shahid, M. H. and Taib. M. N. A. (2019). Challenges and Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs: A Case Study of Urban Lahore (Pakistan). Bulletin of Business and Economics, 8(4), 213-222.


Entrepreneurship is a hard subject  to  deal  with  Pakistan  because  the  societal  trends  motivated people for public sector/government jobs. This is one of the reasons of the people prefer to join government service as compared to private or entrepreneurial activities. This study is conducted to find out the possible challenges and opportunities  for  female  entrepreneurs  in  Lahore. The data has been collected  (in 2014)  by questionnaire. Convenience and snowball sampling techniques have been used to select the sample for the study. The sample size of two hundred has been taken for this purpose. In  statistical analysis  binary  logistic  regression  is  applied.  The  result  shows  that  every  age  group  has opportunities  to  continue  the  business, but  in  case  of  marital  status,  challenges  are  more  to continue  the  business.  On  the  other  hand,  educated  female  entrepreneurs, mostly  are  facing challenges  to  continue  the  business  except  diploma  and  small  business  courses  holders.


Entrepreneurship, challenges, opportunities, Female

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L26, B54

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Research Paper




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