Comparison of Motivational Techniques Used by Elementary School Teachers in Pakistan


    Zafar Masaud, Muhammad Qasim Ali, Mehmood Ul Hassan, Saadia Nazli


    Masaud, Z., Ali, M. Q., Hassan, M. U., & Nazli, S. (2015). Comparison of Motivational Techniques Used by Elementary School Teachers in Pakistan. Journal of Policy Research, 1(1), 1-8.


    Motivation is the desire within a person to achieve some goal. Motivation plays a key role in the application of learning strategies and exerts an indirect influence on information processing in learning. The objectives of this study were; a) To investigate motivational techniques used by elementary school teachers in Pakistan. b) To examine the views of the students about the effective and ineffective motivational techniques used by their teachers. c) To find out the impact of motivational techniques used by the teachers on the performance of the students. For this study, survey was conducted to get the opinion of the respondents. Hence the nature of the study was descriptive type. The population of the study was comprised all the elementary school teachers as well as the students of Pakistan. Two questionnaires were used for data collection. It was concluded that teacher’s appreciation, rewards, fair play, punctuality and decision making play a vital role as motivational techniques. The study concluded that regular evaluation and feedback seem strongly motivational and encouraged good performance. It is also found that constructive and optimistic attitude enhance the performance of the students.


    Elementary School, Motivational Techniques, goals

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