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Empirical Existence of Environmental Kuznets Curve


Faisal Aftab Ahmed, Furrukh Bashir


Ahmad, F. A. and Bashir, F. (2016). Empirical Existence of Environmental Kuznets Curve. Bulletin of Business and Economics, 5(2), 92-108.


In this dissertation Environmental Kuznets Curve (ECK) is conjectured to investigate the affiliation among co2 emission per capita, gross domestic product PC, trade openness, number of vehicles and services sector output by using time series data from 1972 to 2014. To explore association among indicators ARDL (a tactic of co-integration) is utilized in the dissertation. By the dint of statistical data study puts two and two together and Sum and substance of results is Environmental Kuznets Curve between Co2 Emission per capita and Gross Domestic Product PC exists. Square of Gross Domestic Product PCone and only device which is environmental friendly and give some relief from the pollution but remaining all stimulus e.g. Trade openness, number of vehicles and services sector also incorporate into smog of the economy.


Environmental Kuznets Curve, Co2 Emission, Gross Domestic Product PC, Trade Openness

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Q1, O

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Research Article




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