Hurdles and Anxieties among Urdu EFL at Intermediate level in Pakistan.


    Muhammad Ijaz, Anum Aurangzeb, Saima Razzaq, Sajida Aslam


    Ijaz, M., Aurangzeb, A., Razzaq, S. and Aslam, S., (2015). Hurdles and Anxieties among Urdu EFL at Intermediate level in Pakistan. Journal of Policy Research, 1(3), 117-123.


    This mini research work is done to know the hurdles and anxieties among Urdu EFL at intermediate level in Pakistan. The study reveals that in a developed country like Pakistan students have to face numerous problems in their way to learn English. Lack of books, internet access, poverty, discouraging society, mother tongue interference are some of the major hurdles which affect students’ learning. In addition to this lengthy theoretical syllabus, lack of competent teachers and well equipped institutions, poor social background and lack of audio and video aids are some other causes which affect students learning. Students also feel anxiety in their way to learn English. Feel shy while speaking, lack of confidence, feel themselves under pressure while speaking, feeling that they will speak wrong sentences are some anxieties which are found in students minds while they speak. Moreover fear of being insulted by listeners, feel themselves belonging to inferior groups, do not feel well in speaking English as it is the language of elite class, do not have a proper chance to speak in the class, discourage them while they try to speak and very much strict and rude behavior of teachers are some other hindrance in their way to learn English. The population of the study was three district of Punjab (Pakpattan, Bahawalnagar & Okara) Pakistan. The results of the study can be generalize all over the Pakistan. If the above mentioned hindrances can be removed the learning of English can be much effective in Pakistan.


    Urdu EFL, English language, Teachers, Punjab

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    Research Foundation for Humanity (RFH)

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