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Impact of Business Process Automation on Employees’ Efficiency


Sarfraz Ahmad Sirohey, Ahmed Imran Hunjra, Babar Khalid


Sirohey, S. A. Hunjra, A. I. and Khalid, B. (2012). Impact of Business Process Automation on Employees’ Efficiency. Bulletin of Business and Economics, 1(1), 1-12.


Business Process Automation (BPA) is assumed to enhance organizational efficiency by decreasing level of effort and elimination of redundant processes and procedures. The study in hand is an analysis of impact by the BPA on the AGPR employees’ efficiency. Five variables namely, New  System Understanding, Adaptation to New Methodology, Response of Employees to Change, Conformity to Standards and Employees’ Efficiency. A questionnaire comprised of 29 items was adapted for primary data collection. The population was of employees in AGPR and stakeholders like Ministry of Finance, the Controller General of Accounts and Line Ministries. The sample size was of 265 respondents. Descriptive, Pearson correlation and Regression Analysis has been applied through SPSS software for finding significant relationship and importance of BPA for employee’s efficiency. The results of study have shown that all the processes which have been changed due to new system are in benefit of employees as well as masses and contributing towards good governance.


Business Process Automation (BPA), New System Understanding (NSU), Adaptation to New Methodology, (ANM), Employees’ Efficiency (EE), Conformity to Standards (CS), Response of Employees to Change (REC), AGPR, Good Governance

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