Influential Factors for Good Corporate Governance


    Ahmed Imran Hunjra, Muhammad Naeem, Babar Khalid


    Hunjra, A. I. Naeem, M. and Khalid, B. (2013). Influential Factors for Good Corporate Governance. Bulletin of Business and Economics, 2(2), 15-28.


    Efficient Corporate Governance demands sound regulations and governed through healthier procedures. The objective of this study is to review the four variables; 1) Agency Problem, 2) Transparent Audit, 3) Management Holdings, and 4) Equity Return and Dividend Payout determined for good corporate governance performance in particular under the title “Influential Factors for Good Corporate Governance”. The self-administrated questionnaire was used for data collection. The population of this study was the professionals and experts of manufacturing and services industries of Pakistan.The sample size was 167 professionals of the Pakistani industries. SPSS is used for reliability analysis, Pearson correlation, descriptive and regression analysis. Agency Problem and Transparent Audit have a significant relationship with Good Corporate Governance whereas Management Holding and Equity Return have been emerged as insignificant variables. All four independent variables have been emerged as positively correlated with the dependent variables.


    Corporate Governance, Agency Problem, Management Holdings, Transparent Audit, Influential Factors, Manufacturing & Service Industries

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