Motivational Factors Influencing Primary Teachers’ Job Satisfaction in Punjab Province


    Muhammad Qasim Ali, Nasreen Akhtar, Shazia Perveen


    Ali, M. Q., Akhtar, N. and Perveen, S. (2015). Motivational Factors Influencing Primary Teachers’ Job Satisfaction in Punjab Province. Journal of Policy Research, 1(2), 88-93.


    The aim of this research is to explore the motivational factors that influence the job satisfaction of primary school teachers in province Punjab. The main objectives of the study are the influence of incentives, effect of supervision and physical condition on job satisfaction of primary teachers. For the sample of the study, 120 primary teachers were selected randomly from the population. Data collected through questionnaire. Data is analyzed by the use of statistical techniques of mean score and standard deviation. The job satisfaction of primary teachers is influenced by the motivational factors i.e. increase in salary, incentives in the form of cash rewards; head teacher’s behavior promotes the spirit of team work. Primary teachers are satisfied with their jobs regarding the role of head teacher in the schools. Primary teachers are not fully equipped with the tools and resources that are helpful in doing their job satisfactorily. It may be recommended to the authorities to facilitate the primary teachers with professional tools and resources that may prove helpful in their job. Primary teachers felt satisfaction with the professional trainings that enhances their skills and abilities.


    Job Satisfaction, motivational factors, primary teachers

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    Research Foundation for Humanity (RFH)

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