Orientalism in Electronic Media: A Challenge for Muslim World


    Qaisar Mahmood , Dr. Ihsan Ur Rahman Ghauri



    21th century is an age of Globalization. Today world has become a global village. Media and its influences are spreading all around the world. Western countries are trying to effect Asian countries due to this media. Orientalism is at peak level around the world. Media is fabricating new trends in this regard. This quantitative study tries to investigate all those electronic sources which are playing a vital role in generating Orientalism around the world. Orientalism at root level is effecting in Islamic countries. Cartoons Videogames, Videos, Hollywood and disney movies land is trying to present a dark picture of Muslim world. After 9/11 the Orientalism can be seen in its worst form in all Electronic channels, Social Media and newspapers.


    Orientalism, Media, Cartoons, Challenges, Islam

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    Research Foundation for Humanity (RFH)

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