Perceptual Mapping of Cellular Phone: Analysis using Multidimensional Scaling


    Muhammad Yasir Rafiq, Muhamad Usman Islam, Khurram Shahzad


    Rafiq, M. Y. Islam, M. U. and Shahzad, K. (2018). Perceptual Mapping of Cellular Phone: Analysis using Multidimensional Scaling. Bulletin of Business and Economics, 7(1), 6-12.


    Due to availability of social media and advanced communication, now customers has become more affluence and selected about companies, brands, products and services. There are huge competitions among companies, therefore they are producing wide variety of products, in order to meet the needs of buyers. This situation also leads companies to launch very influential marketing plan and strategies. In this scenario, it is better for companies to know about their positioning and what is the image of their products in the market. Perceptual mapping via multidimensional scaling is an important tool to know about perceptions of customers and positioning of product. The aim of this research is to determine students’ preference and perceptual mapping related to smart phones.


    social media, multidimensional scaling

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    L82, L80

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    Research Paper




    Research Foundation for Humanity (RFH)

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