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Relationship Between Board Size and Firm Performance: Intervening Role of Policies


Safina Riaz, Ahmed Hussain Khan, Mahrow Shaheen


Riaz, S. Khan, A. H. and Shaheen, M. (2017). Relationship Between Board Size And Firm Performance: Intervening Role Of Policies. Bulletin of Business and Economics, 6(3), 130-140.


This examination looks at the effect of corporate administration on firm execution of Lahore Stock Exchange Listed Companies. Corporate governance plays an important role in a firm. The study finds the impact of corporate governance on firm performance of LSE by taking the 168 listed companies from Lahore Stock Exchange. In this study board size is used as independent variable, board’s policies as mediator’s variables whereas firm performance has been taken as dependent variable. To measure the firm performance Return on assests (ROA) is used. The data used in this study has been taken from the Lahore Stock Exchange 168 listed Companies of all the independent and dependent variables. The methodology that is used for this research is to test the impact of board size on firms performance is measured by the model of Regression analysis. Our findings indicate that impact of board size on firm performance of LSE listed companies is significant.


Corporate Governance, Board Size, Board Policies, Firm execution and Regression Analysis

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G34, M12

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Research Article




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