Role of English Language Proficiency for Leadership Qualities among Head Teachers


    Muhammad Qasim Ali, Rabnawaz, Farzana Ali, Waseem Ahmad


    Ali, M. Q., Rabnawaz, Ali, F. and Ahmad, W. (2015). Role of English Language Proficiency for Leadership Qualities among Head Teachers. Journal of Policy Research, 1(2), 94-99.


    The study highlights the role of English proficiency for leadership qualities among elementary head teachers. The objectives of the study are, (1) to explore the English communication skills in head teachers for their leadership qualities (2) To find out language proficiency among head teachers for their leadership qualities. The population of the study comprised all the elementary school teachers in three Districts of Punjab Province. The questionnaire is used as a research tool for data collection. Mean score and standard deviation used as statistical techniques for data analysis. The study revealed that English language proficiency empowers the head teachers and they feel elevated in front of their subordinates and communication skills develop confidence in head teachers. The results of the study showed that English proficiency and communication skills make them capable of communicating with the official orders and notifications from the concerned offices. In this way, they do their job with level of their satisfaction. The head teachers have proficiency in English language but English is a so called official language of our country.


    English proficiency, Leadership qualities, Head teachers

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    Research Paper




    Research Foundation for Humanity (RFH)

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