Hussain, K. (2020). Social media impact on tourism in Pakistan. Bulletin of Business and Economics, 9(2), 74-84.


     Social media has been playing an essential role in our daily life. As tourism has become the fastest-growing company in all over the world. Tourism also becomes a great source of annual earning, cultural exchange, economic growth, jobs for the local community, infrastructure development, employment opportunities, exchange of goods, and foreign exchange nationwide. Usually, travelers attract mountains, peaks, lakes, snows, rivers, beaches, lovely valleys, glaciers, deserts, food, motels, hotels, historical places, hiking trails, culture, plains, Northern areas, religious, seasonal varieties, unique art, and handicraft. Pakistan is a very beautiful country and it is blessed with all types of beauty and international traveler’s tourists came here to visit these beautiful places which are itself better for the tourism industry and to make it more developed and grow faster. But somehow Pakistan had faced some of the issues in the tourism industry that is some people and even some countries show Pakistan the worst image internationally which is effecting our tourism industry and in recent past years, there are some security conditions which is somehow created problems for the international travelers as well as domestic travelers this need to be sorted out so that Pakistan can become the safest place for tourists destination. So basically social media can easily play a vital role to encourage tourism in Pakistan. Social media platform and even tourism websites which help visitors providing information and cost of the trip. We have generated a questionnaire that gives us information regarding the usage of social media for travel planning and results revealed that the vast majority of people use social media sites for travel planning and even the cost of trips.





    Tourism, social media, travel sites, information, economic growth, infrastructure, cultural exchange, destinations, posting pictures, traveling planning, blogs, social media advertising, negative image, vloggers

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