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Textile Industry Crisis in Pakistan


Aramish Altaf Alvi, Uzma Shahid


Alvi, A. A and Shaid, U. (2016). Textile Industry Crisis in Pakistan. Bulletin of Business and Economics, 5(2), 109-115.


Pakistan textile industry contributes more than 60 percent to the country’s total exports during 1990’s. However, currently this industry is facing great decline in its growth rate. The major reasons for this decline may be global recession, internal security concerns and the high cost of production due to energy crisis etc. Depreciation of Pakistani rupee that significantly raised the cost of imported inputs, high inflation rate and high cost of financing has serious impact on growth in the textile industry. In-depth study suggests that the Pakistan’s textile industry can be on winning track if government takes serious actions. Furthermore, the government should provide subsidies to the textile industry for purchasing new machinery or enhancing the quality of the existing machinery. It is suggested that with new machinery, the expenditures on (R and D) would be increased for enhancing the productivity of existing machinery.


textile industry, exports, crisis, Pakistan

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