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The Causes of Deforestation: An Empirical Study of Pakistan


Kalsoom Zulfiqar, Atif Khan Jadoon


Zulfiqar, K. and Jadoon, A. K. (2019). The Causes of Deforestation: An Empirical Study of Pakistan. Bulletin of Business and Economics, 8(4), 191-204.


This paper investigates the impact of population, technology (tractor, tube well), and agricultural land square km on deforestation using the time series data from 1972 to 2016. For tractor and tube-well, we use an index of technology and take the log of total population. Deforestation increases rapidly which has an adverse impact on environment degradation. Autoregressive distributed lag model (ARDL) is used to check the Co integration among population, technology, and agricultural land square km on deforestation. The result of my study confirms that the population has a cause of deforestation and give the positive and significant result. Agricultural square land km has a negative and significant result. Technology has a positive and insignificant result. Only population has a positive and significant impact on deforestation population increase deforestation also increase and the agricultural land has a significant but negative impact on deforestation. Therefore, model is lower moderate good.


population, agricultural land, technology

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P23, Q15

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Research Paper




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