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The Impact of Service Quality toward Customer Satisfaction: An Empirical Case of Smart-Phone Users in Higher Educational Institutions of Southern Punjab, Pakistan


Muhammad Qasim Ali, Muhammad Waseem


Ali, M. Q. and Waseem, M. (2014). The impact of service quality toward customer satisfaction: an empirical case of smart-phone users in higher educational institutions of southern Punjab, Pakistan. Bulletin of Business and Economics, 3(1), 13-20.


Service Quality plays a prominent role in enabling businesses to meet their customers’ need and therefore it acts as a catalyst in the process of creating and delivering value to them. Therefore, the effort has been made to examine the crucial factors such as service quality and satisfaction among the smart-phone users of higher educational institutions of Southern Punjab, Pakistan. The core objective of this research paper is to examine the effect of service quality on satisfaction. Researchers have adopted the research conceptual model of (Kim et al., 2004). Researchers have taken dependent variable as satisfaction and independent variable is service quality. Researchers have used descriptive survey research and the research tool of questionnaire used as a tool of data collection. Population of the study comprised all the higher education institutions in Southern Punjab. Data collected from the sample of 200 smart-phone user. Results indicate that quality of customer services dimensions on satisfaction are significant; the 14.5% variance is explained. Four quality dimensions of service quality have positive effects on satisfaction. Those are Value-added-services (Beta, .155, sig (p), 0.27) Price (Beta .184, sig (p), 0.009), Mob devices (Beta.188, sig (p), 0.007), and Customer services (Beta .158, sig (p), 0.023). The characteristic of service quality dimensions on purchaser’s satisfaction is positive.


Smart-phone user, Services quality, Satisfaction

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