Tourism Towards Economic Growth of Pakistan


    Qurat-ul-Ain Ahmed, Usman Ilyas, Sehrish Tariq, Fareeha Zafar


    Ahmad, Q. Ilyas, U. Tariq, S. and Zafer, F. (2017). Tourism Towards Economic Growth of Pakistan. Bulletin of Business and Economics, 6(2), 92-97.


    Tourism is a multidimensional, multicultural, and multi-trillion industries that has strong impact on the economy in term of creating jobs opportunities, boosting service sector, contributing in National Income, and enhancing brand image of the country. Most of the countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia, and American rely on tourism like UK, UAE, Thailand, France, etc. However, In Pakistan, despite of having promising potential our tourism industry is in dismal due to administrative and strategic lacking ness. In this paper, efforts are made to diagnose the causes of crawling growth of tourism industry on empirical grounds and suggest the strategies for its improvement by optimum utilization of natural, historical, and cultural resources.


    Growth, Strategies, Utilizations, Profit, GDP

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    N1, E01

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    Research Article




    Research Foundation for Humanity (RFH)

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