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Urdu Speaking EFL Students Problems in Learning English in Public and Private Schools of Punjab, Pakistan


Rabia Tufail, Ayesha Kanwal, Sadaf BadarToor


Tufail, R. Kanwal, A. and Toor, S. B. (2015). Urdu Speaking EFL Students Problems in Learning English In Public and Private Schools of Punjab, Pakistan. Bulletin of Business and Economics, 4(1), 43-47.


The study was conducted to explore the problems faced by learners in learning English at High school level in Punjab, Pakistan.  In our schools students are afraid to learning English. This study shows the comparison of private and public schools. For data collection questionnaire was developed to collect data from 60 teachers of the high schools including private and Public schools in District Pakpattan. Data were analyzed statistically by using SPSS version 20.The population consists of the 60 teachers belonging to private and public sector. The results of the reveal that the nature of problems among private and public high schools are different  with suggestions that these problems should be treated with collaboration of expert teachers hired from the universities to conduct workshops with the high school teachers.


EFL, Problems, Private, Public, Pakistan

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